Goodness Me!!!


What has happened to our four year old?  WOW our beautiful boy has been pushing the boundaries.

Yesterday when he was requested to have a bath he informed me ‘I was a pain in the butt!!’

Today when packing up his toys he threw a toy in the basket but it fell out.  His response was ‘Holly Crap!!’

Then this afternoon when I was getting the cooking utensils out to make lemon cake for afternoon tea he told me to ‘Chop Chop, Quick Sticks, Hurry Up!!’

Lets hope this little phase passes quickly! Lucky his cute xomy name.jpg

5 thoughts on “Goodness Me!!!”

  1. I know a nearly 3yr old that had taken to the saying ‘buddy turd!’ thankfully it did not last long! These things will pass if they don’t receive attention for it – I think.

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