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“We each have an enormous capacity to make a difference and The Pyjama Foundation is actually doing that; changing the world, one child at a time”  Bryce Courtenay AM

Yesterday I opened a new and exciting door in my life.  I had my interview to become a ‘Pyjama Angel’.  What is a ‘Pyjama Angel’ I hear you say?.   It is  a Volunteer from the community that is  recruited, screened, trained and supported to help  children improve their literacy skills.  You must commit to one hour each week to read aloud to the same child – a child placed in Foster Care.  You go to the child’s home and share a wonderful hour reading and playing literacy/numeracy games.  It can be as easy as reading a picture book together and playing a game of  UNO.  But what is important is that you are there, with a very special child, giving them your attention and making reading a positive experience.  ‘Pyjama Angels deliver The Pyjama Foundation Love of Learning Program®, a literacy-based mentoring program which addresses statistics around children in care:

  • 92% of children in care are below the average reading level at age seven
  • 75% of these children do not complete schooling
  • 50% of the homeless come from a care background
  • 35% enter the juvenile justice system at some point (82% of Australian prisoners have below grade 4 level of functional literacy)
  • 28% of care-leavers are parents within 12 months of leaving care

There are around 31,000 children in care in Australia, a figure which doubled in the last decade. Indigenous children vastly over-represented.’

I still have to complete one evening of training before I start.  Corrin our Ipswich Coordinator will then place me with a child and  then the fun begins.  I am really excited.  I have  shelves full of books and cupboards full of games now that I am not teaching.  Ben and I of coarse enjoy using them but the ‘more the merrier’ they say.  I love to read stories aloud – it was my favorite time of the day as a teacher and now it is amazing to read with my son.  I am so excited to share my love of books with another little person who may not have experienced such joy before.   I will keep you updated – no names or photos  just wonderful stories!!

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  1. This will be fantastic for the child you are paired with and you!!!
    Fantastic idea…

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