Our Little Shopper

I am not sure whether to thank Coles or to curse them.  Coles at Riverlink has recently introduced  trolleys for children.  While they do keep little people busy during grocery shop, they also put other shoppers in DANGER.  I am not sure three year olds are the best trolley drivers.  You can hear mothers saying (myself included) – careful, watch where you are going, STOP!  Most shoppers smile and make cute comments but some get a little stroppy.  Non the less, Ben now enjoys a trip to Coles and it is always interesting.   So I think that adds up to  – THANKS COLES!


Socks for your Hands!

19082009_002.jpgBen was in the trolley while I was  shopping.  On this occasion he took off his shoes.  He proceeded to put his socks on his hands and pretend his was a motorbike rider.  I had an elderly lady ask me what he was doing and if the socks were puppets.  I informed her that no they were not puppets but motorbike gloves.  She thought this was quite funny.  That night Ben once again put on his sock (on his hands) and rode his trike around the house.  Andrew thought he would give Ben’s bike ago.  Like Father, Like Son – it kept me amused!!