Meet Spud

Ben suggested we needed a scarecrow……what a great idea!  So here he is – Spud the newest family member on the Lattimore Acre.  He is spectacular – not only because of his incredibly handsome appearance  but he has managed to keep those pecking birds away, even the scrub turkey.   He also stayed standing this week through a crazy storm!  Thanks Spud!!


my name.jpg

I am going to link up with ‘Life Made Lovely Monday’, we think Spud is lovely and I do plan on blogging how we made him.


Hail !

This afternoon we had a ripper hail storm. The storm came generally from the south west but when it hit the hail appeared to be coming from every direction. Luckily our only casualty was the peg basket which was hanging from the clothes line. The largest hail was about 30mm in diameter. The noise on our tin roof was unbelievable.