Cracking The Whip!

DSC_1795.JPGOur move to the outskirts of Ipswich has brought back memories for Andrew of his country roots.  Just before his birthday he mentioned to me that he had always wanted a stock whip.   I purchased one for him for his birthday.   When at the Ipswich Town and Country Centre, the sales attendant asked me what we intended to use the stock whip  for.  ‘Oh…. oh…… well we won’t be riding with it’ was my response while in my head picturing Andrew riding swinging his whip shouting ‘Ride like the wind Bulls Eye’.  I am sure I must have had a huge smirk on my face.  The sales attendant took a number of whips off the hooks, swung them strangely up the shop aisle before saying, ‘Yep this is the one, this will be great  to crack around the horses and cattle but not to ride with’.  So I nodded agreeing but thinking ‘yep sure thing, that’s exactly what we need for all the horses and cattle on our one acre’.  I didn’t dare inform the sales attendant  that we wanted it just to crack in the yard for fun and hang on the wall and look pretty!!

Andrew got a chance to break in the whip today…. I had to laugh.  I walked out the back and there is Andrew sitting on the saw horse cracking the whip – hilarious!! He mentioned tonight that he has a sore shoulder – even more hilarious!!!  Love you honey xoxo