My First ‘Mummy’ Homework!!!

I can’t believe how excited I am….. I got my first ‘Mummy’ homework from Ben’s Pre-Prep!!!  It was a two page spread about ‘Our Family’ for Ben to share with his classmates and then go in his folio.   Ohhhh it was so much fun!!!!  {Don’t worry I know how ridiculous I sound – I just can’t help it!!}.     I adapted the ‘About Us’ that we use for the blog and added it to the first page and the second page is family photos – Ben’s favorites.  I included Ben, Andrew, myself, all the cousins, both sets of grandparents, pets and scarecrow.  Sorry Aunty’s and Uncle’s I didn’t have photos of you all….. beware at our next  get  together!!!  The  homework  also  said  that  all  family  special       events/holidays/memories can be added during the year.  So we can add a page about our new cousin when she arrives….YAY and other family from Melbourne or overseas we might see!  Oh and yes I just had to add bunting…. as I can’t get enough of it lately and it always makes me smile!

So here it is……. I think it captures our family.



My publishing skills are a little rusty….. I haven’t done anything really since Ben was born.  I used Publisher in the Virtual Box…… which is just crazy as I am sure Mac has something fabulous I could have used.  I also used ‘Picnik‘ a cute online photo editing program to put the curves on the photos {Shauna from ‘The Reed Life‘ suggested it… THANKS}.  But there has to be an easier way to do that as well.  I also need to acquire a few more skills…. like being able to select just the bunting and not the background.  I am interested in all suggestions for editing programs for the Mac….please.

With my first ‘Mummy’ homework finished.  I will share with you another of my  Pre-Prep Parent delights……I LOVE RECEIVING SCHOOL NEWLETTERS…….I really do!!!!

my name.jpg

I am going to link up with ‘Life Made Lovely Monday’…. ENJOY!!