My First ‘Mummy’ Homework!!!

I can’t believe how excited I am….. I got my first ‘Mummy’ homework from Ben’s Pre-Prep!!!  It was a two page spread about ‘Our Family’ for Ben to share with his classmates and then go in his folio.   Ohhhh it was so much fun!!!!  {Don’t worry I know how ridiculous I sound – I just can’t help it!!}.     I adapted the ‘About Us’ that we use for the blog and added it to the first page and the second page is family photos – Ben’s favorites.  I included Ben, Andrew, myself, all the cousins, both sets of grandparents, pets and scarecrow.  Sorry Aunty’s and Uncle’s I didn’t have photos of you all….. beware at our next  get  together!!!  The  homework  also  said  that  all  family  special       events/holidays/memories can be added during the year.  So we can add a page about our new cousin when she arrives….YAY and other family from Melbourne or overseas we might see!  Oh and yes I just had to add bunting…. as I can’t get enough of it lately and it always makes me smile!

So here it is……. I think it captures our family.



My publishing skills are a little rusty….. I haven’t done anything really since Ben was born.  I used Publisher in the Virtual Box…… which is just crazy as I am sure Mac has something fabulous I could have used.  I also used ‘Picnik‘ a cute online photo editing program to put the curves on the photos {Shauna from ‘The Reed Life‘ suggested it… THANKS}.  But there has to be an easier way to do that as well.  I also need to acquire a few more skills…. like being able to select just the bunting and not the background.  I am interested in all suggestions for editing programs for the Mac….please.

With my first ‘Mummy’ homework finished.  I will share with you another of my  Pre-Prep Parent delights……I LOVE RECEIVING SCHOOL NEWLETTERS…….I really do!!!!

my name.jpg

I am going to link up with ‘Life Made Lovely Monday’…. ENJOY!!


5 thoughts on “My First ‘Mummy’ Homework!!!”

  1. Makes me want to be Ben’s prep teacher for a day to hear him talk about these great photos! I did the same thing with my classes as an ‘All about me and my family book’. Each year I photocopied the pages to make a class book and we hung the pages in the classroom before putting them into the folios.
    The children would talk about these precious, favourite photos so much. Awesome way to learn about each child and their family! Thanks for sharing mum, so cool to see how excited you are Belinda!!! I do scrapbooking but haven’t tried online scrapbooking yet. Your blog and pages have me wanting to learn more! Looks fantastic Josie x

  2. As an elementary teacher, I’ll spill the beans and tell you that you’ve just blown a bunch of mom’s out of the water! What a lucky kid Ben is to have you work so hard on making this project so special.

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