The Most Important Thing in Ben’s Life…..

Ben’s Pre-Prep are participating in the ‘Through Children’s Eyes Photography Exhibition’.  The images are taken by the children and themed around them capturing the things they feel are most important in their lives.  Well…… guess what Ben picked…….. Mum’s DS!!! He told his teacher is was  ‘because I like to play games on it everyday’.  In his dreams maybe!!!   So today when we got home we needed to take a photo of the DS.  Ben said to me ‘Mum when we find the DS from your hiding place and take a photo….. Can I play it?’

Here is the photo.  It is the only one in focus.  We used my Nikon so I had to steady the camera while Ben looked through the viewfinder and pressed the button. Pretty good hey……


This is what Ben had to say about his picture ‘ This is the DS.  Obi Wan Kenobi is a Jedi Knight in his ship.  I like to play Star Wars Lego on Mum’s DS.  It is my VERY favorite game.’  Very cute and I don’t know why I should expect anything but Star Wars to be what is important to Ben at the moment….. he just loves it.  Mrs Symonds his teacher is learning about Star Wars very quickly!!  She is so very patient and kind.

On a different note……. Ben’s school is getting a very important visitor next week.  Prince William is dropping in for a visit while he is in Australia…… pretty special!!!

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