Star Wars & Bunting

It’s that wonderful time of the year…… the preparation for Ben’s Birthday.  It is no secret that I love birthdays, birthday parties, and all things that make them wonderful.  So this year Ben is having a small (family and neighbors) Star Wars Lego party.  I started on the invitation today and didn’t expect the reaction I received.  You see I put bunting on it and apparently Star Wars and Bunting don’t go!!!  My brother-in-law even went as far as comparing it to putting X Men in tutus.  Andrew tried to tell me there is not such thing as Star Wars bunting.   And my sister-in-law said it makes the Star Wars characters seem a little feminine.  But I love it!!   More importantly Ben thinks it is amazing!!!  I think this will be the last year I can get away with  bunting for his birthday.  So in my world Star Wars and bunting are a perfect match!!!

A few hours later…… I rethought the whole bunting thing and went with stars.  I still prefer the bunting….hehehhe!

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The Force is Strong!

Uncle Darrin introduced Ben to Star Wars!!  On Boxing Day he and  Ben played Star Wars Lego on the XBOX!!!  Ben loooovvvved it. I was not that sure about it.  Since then it has been Obi-Wan Kanobe this and R2-D2 that.  It’s just Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!!!  I come from a Star Wars family.  My Mum loves it, my Brother loves it, my Nephew loves it and Andrew loves it.  They have filled Ben in with who are the goodies and the badies.  Ben even gets the DVD’s out of the cabinet and studies the covers and inserts.  He will be waiting a while to see the movies. I did encourage this obsession a little when I came home with a light saber. Oh there was all kinds of excitement!!



Tonight while putting Ben to bed he told me that Darth Vader and General Grievous were in his bedroom.  I asked him why he thought that.  His reply was ‘they are from the Dark Side of the Force’.  His room was dark, I had just turned the light off!!  He told me not to worry because he was Obi-Wan Kanobe and  he had it covered!!  Very cute… thanks for that!

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