Star Wars & Bunting

It’s that wonderful time of the year…… the preparation for Ben’s Birthday.  It is no secret that I love birthdays, birthday parties, and all things that make them wonderful.  So this year Ben is having a small (family and neighbors) Star Wars Lego party.  I started on the invitation today and didn’t expect the reaction I received.  You see I put bunting on it and apparently Star Wars and Bunting don’t go!!!  My brother-in-law even went as far as comparing it to putting X Men in tutus.  Andrew tried to tell me there is not such thing as Star Wars bunting.   And my sister-in-law said it makes the Star Wars characters seem a little feminine.  But I love it!!   More importantly Ben thinks it is amazing!!!  I think this will be the last year I can get away with  bunting for his birthday.  So in my world Star Wars and bunting are a perfect match!!!

A few hours later…… I rethought the whole bunting thing and went with stars.  I still prefer the bunting….hehehhe!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars & Bunting”

  1. not sure the bunting fits the spacey theme but it should be a crackin party. Tom will be there with his lightsabers swinging!

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