The Visit – The Man Himself!

Andrew and I not so long ago completed a ten week cooking class at the Ministry of Food Ipswich.  We fell in love with the simple whole food approach to cooking. It wasn’t that we were terrible eaters but I knew there is always room for improvement.   Our food habits are forever influences by Louise and Danella our Food Trainers.  I’m not sure the girls  realise that their voices are forever in my head.  So when we heard the MAN HIMSELF was coming to town……… the excitement started to build (well not sure about Andrew but I was pretty pumped!).

It was Jamie Oliver fever in Ipswich yesterday. A welcome fit for royalty – roads closed, police, security, cameras, media, politicians,  and celebrities.  Andrew and I were fortunate enough to snaffle tickets to see Jamie cook.

Picnik collagePhotos from here and edited in Instagram

I was interested to see if he really was as genuine and passionate in his food message as he is on TV.  The answer is YES…… this chap is 100% the real deal.  He oozed enthusiasm.  I felt a little like a giggling school girl.  I really couldn’t believe I was seeing the man himself.  Seems a little silly I know but he is …….. gosh dang pretty amazing.  He did seem a little tired ……..maybe it was our hot humid weather or that he had stepped off a plane from Korea.  But none the less he put on a good show and spread his message of simple, good, healthy, fresh, whole food cooking.

Picnik collage

The girls and guys at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich did a exceptional job.  Hats off to you all.

Oh I nearly forgot …….. What did he cook I hear you say?  Chicken Fajitas with Homemade Guacamole and Salsa.  They are on our menu this week!

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