Week 4 with Jamie – Chicken….

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I have driven my husband mad this week!  You see our group chose Chicken Parmigiana and carrots in a bag to cook this week.  I was keen to cook the carrots in a bag but Chicken Parmigiana…… you had to be kidding….ewww!!!  I struggled all week with it.  I came to the conclusion I’m not such a great ‘team’ player…… I like things to go my way!!  My concern was ‘why on earth would we be cooking a fatty pub meal?’. Andrew kept telling me that I was just being silly and everything would be fine.  So I went to class this week not really excited about the whole idea of cooking the dreaded Chicken Parmigiana!

Well…… I have to apologize for all my complaining (my poor dear lovely husband….sorry xoxo).   Jamie’s Chicken Parmigiana was indeed fabulous!  A healthy extra tasty version of the fatty pub classic!  And the carrots in a bag…..oh I wish you could have smelt it – carrots, bacon, rosemary, orange zest = mmmmm YUM!  My parents joined us for dinner to share in our genius cooking.  There was not a scrap of anything left on the plates…..licked clean (well not literally)!

I have learnt a few valuable lessons this week (that I already knew anyway).  Jamie always puts an extraordinary twist on recipes and ‘oh Belinda…stop all the carrying on and just enjoy yourself!!’.

Next week – Chilli Con Carne, guacamole and fluffy rice….no complaining here!!

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