Where is the Pot of Gold?

A month or so ago we had a storm during the day which is nothing unusual.  What was lovely is that there was the most beautiful rainbow.  What was really exciting was that the end of the rainbow was in our backyard.  Unfortunately the pot of gold was missing.   I just had enough time to run inside and get the camera before it disappeared.  I am tempted to dig in that spot to see if the gold is buried!!


Jet Skiing with Uncle Phil… again

We recently took a quick trip to Somerset Dam to see Uncle Phil.  Andrew and Uncle Phil took Ben for a ride on the jetski.  He was a little timid at first but soon warmed up to the idea.  It was late 2008 when he had his last ride on it.  He still has not grown into the life jacket…. maybe next time.   This is a gorgeous picture of the three boys.

Phil, Andrew and Ben on Tam and Phil\'s Jetski at Somerset Dam

Gramma and Grandad


Mum and Dad have recently bought a house in Ipswich.  They have been living with us waiting for settlement and then while it gets painted.  Ben is just in heaven.   Two more people to play with.  He adores tickles from Grandad and loves to play in Gramma’s room.  Gramma even has Ben using cutlery himself and getting his hair dryed with the hairdryer.  Two things that seemed impossible previous to their stay.  Andrew and I are even getting used to having Mum and Dad stay……. Ben wakes Gramma in the morning and lets us sleep in – sooooooo loving that!!!



The Magic Touch

Children love to play hide and seek and Ben is no exception.  He particularly enjoys playing in the cupboards at Aunty Claire’s house.  Today Ben and Hugo were having a ball hiding in the cupboard when little fingers got jammed in the door.  Unfortunately this is the downside to hiding in the cupboard but WILL NEVER deter a serious player! On this occasion Ben was a little upset and my kisses didn’t seem to calm the tears.  Uncle Al saved the day.  He spoke to Ben so gently, took his little hand, enveloped in his big hands around Ben’s and blew a magic breath on his finger.  WOW……  it was so sweet and worked a treat.  Thanks Uncle Al that is a keeper.