Twelve Christmas Favourties #10

#10 Christmas Favourites – Family and Friends

This is just the most fabulous time of the year because it is filled with family and friends visiting, Christmas get togethers and family dinners.  This year it is the ‘Wood’ family Christmas.  We will spend Christmas day with my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister-In-Law (I have the small family).  We will catch up with Andrew’s family in the week after Christmas.

We have spent the last few days at the beach celebrating with our friends.  We have just loved eating our dinner on the beach watching the kids fly kites, chase seaguls and run themselves silly.






Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without family and friends – feeling very blessed xo

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A Little Treat xo

After Andrew had a very average day at work  and Ben had to stay indoors until the sun went down due to his Slap Cheek rash I thought they deserved a treat tonight.  I called out to them as they were putting the chickens in for the night that their special treats were melting.  Ben quickly yelled ‘Sorry Dad…… can’t help’,  threw the stick he was play with  and ran inside with his gumboots on.  He looked up at me when he saw his ice cream snowman and said ‘Merry Christmas Mum’.  Oh his lovely xo.

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It made them both smile.

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Twelve Christmas Favourites #1

For the next twelve days  I will share one of my very favourite things about Christmas. I will also have my usual posts….. if something comes up xo.

#1  Christmas FavouriteChristmas Decorations

I love Christmas decorations.  I always have.  Some of my favourite childhood memories are of decorating the Christmas Tree.  I remember everyone in my  family had special decorations.  This is something I have continued with Andrew and Ben.   Even as an adult I still get excited about putting up the tree. I have difficulty waiting until the first of December.  Most years I just can’t wait.  This year Ben was excited to decorate the tree and Andrew ……. well not so much!   Here are some of my favourite decorations.  They are favourites because I made them, they have been given to me by someone special or they  have a memory attached to them.

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Happy Christmas xo

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Christmas Treats

There is something pretty wonderful about this time of the year.  I just love planning for Christmas.  I have already began gathering ingredients to make those  special treats that are saved just for the  Christmas season.  My favorite of all is Rum Balls – with no fruit and made with Bundy rum.  I seriously had the yummiest rum ball recipe…….. but I lost it!  I have this habit of writing recipes on scraps of paper and losing them.  I have found this recipe.  It is not quite the same but I think it will still be super tasty.

I also came across this cute idea.  Not really for Christmas day but I thought I would surprise the boys with it this week.   Just a little something to make everyone smile.


What’s your favorite Christmas treat?

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Star Wars on a Plate

 I was excited when we picked up this today.


Ben’s very first drawn melamine plate.  Trudy’s daughters Kindy was collecting orders for their fundraiser and I couldn’t resist.  Ben drew the pictures in September when his Star Wars interest was still at it’s peak.  What am I saying……. he still loves Star Wars. He has drawn Jango Fett, General Grievous and Princess Leia.   Our pictures were on paper and now….voila……. they are on a plate!  I’m not sure Ben is as excited about it as I am?!

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