Batteries, Remotes and Things that Fly!!


Ben is still discovering little nooks in the house.  He particularly loves the spare room cupboards.  He loved to hide in them initially……. but now he is enjoying finding hidden treasures.   He keeps appearing from the cupboards with remote controls, handfuls of batteries and things that fly.  Andrew has quite a selection of remote control planes and helicopters and Ben seems to have made his way through all of them.  Andrew has had an interesting time teaching Ben how to fly some of them.  Ben has some difficulty following all directions which has been amusing.   But now Ben seems to have it sorted and just can’t get enough.  I am constantly amazed how much Andrew and Ben have in common…. boys and their toys!

Makeup Man


When I am getting ready for they day in the bathroom, Ben on occasion has sneaked off with something from my draw.  This particular morning he was very quiet.  Every mother is automatically suspicious when things are very quiet.  I walked out to discover Ben applying mascara to himself.  He refused to let me wash it off.  We were on our way into Mum’s for the day.  So…… Ben spent the day proudly wearing his makeup and running to the mirror looking at himself!

I’m Very Busy and Important

Can I help you ? I\'m very busy and important.Recently we took a trip to West End to visit Andrew at work. We had not been into Andrew’s work since Downer shifted premises in October. Ben was welcomed with open arms. It was so lovely. The Office Manager took Ben to the kitchen for some treats. He loved loved loved Andrew’s office. He sat at his desk stamping, writing and making phone calls. He kept referring to the ‘the man’ on the phone. Goodness knows whose extension he kept ringing. He asks me every few days if we can go and see Daddy at work. It reminds me that our plans don’t have to be complicated. Ben got so much enjoyment out of a thirty minute visit to Daddy’s office.