Batteries, Remotes and Things that Fly!!


Ben is still discovering little nooks in the house.  He particularly loves the spare room cupboards.  He loved to hide in them initially……. but now he is enjoying finding hidden treasures.   He keeps appearing from the cupboards with remote controls, handfuls of batteries and things that fly.  Andrew has quite a selection of remote control planes and helicopters and Ben seems to have made his way through all of them.  Andrew has had an interesting time teaching Ben how to fly some of them.  Ben has some difficulty following all directions which has been amusing.   But now Ben seems to have it sorted and just can’t get enough.  I am constantly amazed how much Andrew and Ben have in common…. boys and their toys!

2 thoughts on “Batteries, Remotes and Things that Fly!!”

  1. I can’t wait to see Ben with Andrew’s remote control car, that is going to be a sight to see!

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