Our Little Grasshopper

I mentioned a few months back the our little Lattimore started Grasshopper Soccer. It is seriously fabulous. Ben adores it and so does Andrew. The big grasshopper (the parents) and the little grasshoppers (the children) work together building soccer skills using playful interactive games. At the end of each session they have a quick one on one game. With all the big grasshoppers cheering and supporting all children. Ben’s thinks of himself as a true soccer champion (well his our little champion)!! We are just so happy to see him out there and enjoying himself. Here is our little grasshopper in action………

IMG_6098.JPG  IMG_6385.JPG  IMG_6387.JPG  IMG_6389.JPG  IMG_6392.JPG  IMG_6711.JPG  IMG_6712.JPG

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