Birthday Surprises

It was Andrew’s birthday yesterday.  Happy Birthday!!! Ben made him something special for his desk at work.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  He made (with a little help from me) a paddle pop stick pen holder.  I can remember making one when I was a kid!! I am sure we all made something like this…. didn’t we?   Ben drew a family portrait on it.  I just love that he is bigger than all of us and that I am  so skinny…… his a genius!!

Picnik collage

I just love it!!

my name.jpg

3 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises”

  1. Yes, I have a picture Charlotte drew very similar. David is always the biggest in our hand drawn family portraits. I think I should frame them. I just have to find where it is I might have filed them. It was somewhere very save, however I have several spots like that. Happy Happy Birthday to Andrew.
    Sorry, it’s so late. I did remember it was August, just couldn’t remember the date. Hope you had a lovely time.

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