A Run in the Sun

Over the last week we have had some of the coldest weather I can remember.  Ohhhh it’s been chilly.  We are blessed with wonderful sunshine most of the year (even in winter).  So when we have some cold miserable weather geezzz we know about it.

But someone was smiling down on us today and the warm sun was back – so lovely.  We took a last minute detour on our way home today to a new park in Springfield.  I have to say I thought Andrew was out of his mind wanting to go to a new park on the Queens Birthday public holiday. Yes the park was packed but how does the saying go ‘the more the merrier’.  There is an awesome water play area….. awesome!!  But we were not prepared for that.  They also have fabulous play equipment and swings.  But what was extra special was  the  amazing grass and garden pyramids, steep hills and great big steps.  Just perfect for climbing, jumping  and rolling.  Ben (and Andrew) had the best time!  Definitely heading back here!!






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photos taken on my iphone

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