Baking for Play School

As I have already blogged Ben’s Kindy hosted the Play School Concert.  Part of the role as hosts was to provide a simply morning tea for the cast and crew of seven people (including ALEX!!!).  I sat in the committee meeting listening to everyone talk about it for thirty minutes but no one volunteered to make it.  It was even suggested we buy something from Coles…!!!!  Well no one was going to feed the Play School Cast rubbish from Coles so I volunteered.  Another lady volunteered to provide a fruit platter.   I can bake but I am no genius baker.  My mother-in-law is the queen of baking!!  It was just a pitty she was overseas!!

Ben and I decided to bake our all time family favorite Kiwi Crisps (chocolate chunk cookies), Apple crumble muffins (a home made apple muffin with Bette’s Crumble) and Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies from my new cookbook. Ben helped me a little before he went to bed.  He loves to bake…. well he loves to steal the chocolate and eat it!!

I think the final product turned out ok.  If nothing else it looked good.  I didn’t hear of any food poisoning cases …..thank goodness!!!

Picnik collage cooking for kindy

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