Books by the Pallet! {visit 1}

NoneQueensland Flood Recovery – Brassall State School

Ipswich is still recovering from recent flooding.  It will be for some time.  I felt that I hadn’t really helped in the recovery enough.  We had made donations when needed but that almost felt too easy considering what people were going through.  So with Ben settled into Pre-Prep I have time on my hands to lend a hand.  I signed Mum and I up at Brassall State School.     The library lost everything!  It is  so uplifting to see the donations,  from the public,  publishers, church groups, other schools or community organisations.  Books are coming from everywhere and by the pallet!!   There is a huge job ahead to cover and process all the resources and this is where we can help.  I will volunteer either on a Monday or Tuesday for the next…. however many weeks – covering books.  Every hand makes a difference xoxo


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