Patience {#2}

Patience –noun 1. the quality of being patient,  as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper and irritation

Well yes, I am working on being more patient.  Ben is testing Andrew and myself as all children test their parents.   He has recently begun a screaming whinge….. oh goodness it is painfully annoying!!  I count to ten, take some deep breaths and remind myself I love being a Mum before  dealing with the situation at hand!!  It is so lucky that I love him so much xoxo

A little treasure came in the mail today from Retro Vertigo….. some vintage children’s blocks that read PATIENCE.  I love them.  I have the perfect place for them too.


my name.jpg

8 thoughts on “Patience {#2}”

  1. Belinda, you’re the sweetest! The photo is gorgeous and I’m thrilled that you liked what I put together for you! Thank you so much for being awesome.

    Sarah aka Retro Vertigo

  2. I am still trying to be patient. I am told it is something that Mums (and Gammas) learn eventually

  3. “I’m constantly hearing/reading about these wonderful Mums who say they’ve become so much more patient since they had kids. Frankly, I’m just not convinced!!!! But I do keep trying and I admire you for trying. I trust you’ve been more successful at it than I have. S xx”

  4. visiting you through a blessed little nest…ah yes, patience…always a work in progress for me. 🙂 those blocks are truly lovely! happy monday!

  5. I love those blocks. Although I’ve stopped praying for patience because I’ve found that God usually gives me lots of opportunities to develop it when I do! [and with three kids, there’s plenty of chances for that!] 😉

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