Christmas Day 2009

IMG_1158.JPGThe anticipation for Christmas this year was enormous.  It was the first Christmas that Ben understood that Santa was coming.  He didn’t totally understand as he had us up early everyday for a week before Christmas.  One morning I heard him wake and hurry to the lounge room where he said ‘Been naughty no presents’ and then he began to cry.  But of course Santa did eventually come and Christmas day was magical.  Ben woke early and we  all hurried out of bed to see his response to Santa’s offerings.  But it wasn’t excitement….. Ben was in Santa shock.  He stood (still half asleep) observing all the loot.  It only took a few minutes  to warm up and then the Santa sack was being emptied, and he was on his trike.  We had to wait for family to arrive to open the presents under the tree.  It nearly killed me.  Once again Santa was very kind to us all….. thanks Santa xoxo.

The weather man predicted rain on Christmas day, which I don’t think anyone really thought would happen.  We traditionally have high temperatures.  But to our surprise the weather man was correct and it did rain….. which was just so lovely.  Mum, Dad, Andrew, Ben, Darrin, Carly and myself all indulged in Christmas lunch to the sound of rain on the tin roof.  I think it was an extra present from Santa.  I also had made a fabulous play list of Christmas carols on the ipod.  Christmas just isn’t Christmas without carols….. well my brother doesn’t think so.  I wondered how long it would take Darrin to crack.  To my surprise he survived nearly the whole lunch.  It was the Christmas Macarena that did it and fair enough it did have us all in hysterics.  Our lunch included baked glazed ham, chicken, pear and beetroot salad, Mum’s special salad, rolls, rum balls, icecream pudding, ginger bread, fruit mince pies  and the odd beverage.  By mid afternoon we had had our fill when we retired to the lounge. Some of us had a snooze while others watched DVD’s that Santa had given.  Al, Claire, Hugo, Auntie Lorriane, Sterle and Grandma Coles popped in from the coast for a late afternoon visit.  We all indulged in  a little more food and beverage.   There really is nothing quiet like Christmas – family, friends, food, laughter and I can’t forget Santa.


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Lunch…… (he’s not related)

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