4 thoughts on “The Ute Update #1”

  1. Now I’m feeling the love of the ute completely!

    I’m loving the blue pin stripes down the side instead of over the top, it really lifts the appearance of the ute without being as in your face as the old ones.

    The upgrade to 12 slotters has had a big impact too, the hub caps were really dragging it down and the thin white wall tire is great.

    Next up, a late 90’s model Falcon engine upgrade & disc brakes all round!

  2. Don’t get too ambitious now! The chrome bar for the bonnett bulge is the next item – when Andrew get’s it re-chropmed in Ipswich – The steering wheel is under investigation ie a restored one, may be pearled. Interior finishing is also in hand ie kick plates with a carpet finish same as the floor and draught excluder around the door jams are on hand – just the time and a matter of priority.

    Hope that keeps you modestly quiet in the meantime.

  3. And by the way, the tyres are Sumitomo 185 SR 14 White side wall. The 12 slotters are hand made in Melbourne, R.O.H. are no longer manufacturing in Australia hence the high cost and limited range. These are 14 inch by 7 inch with a 4 inch off set.
    That gives us the clearance from the clips opn the rear leave springs and the from knuckle suspension joints. No spaces were needed which is good as they are quite a legal item within the strict terms of the Queensland Transport R.W.C. laws.

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