The Ute

The Ute. It’s a 1964 XM Ford Falcon, with Cobra Stripes. At least that’s how I will remember it.

The Ute.  It’s a 1964 XM Ford Falcon, with Cobra Stripes.  At least that’s how I will remember it.

We (this is the collective we, including all Lattimores) have had the Ute in the family since about 1988.  Prior to that it was the workshop / panel shop runabout (I think).   We took it in as a restoration project and returned it to full glory.  Including minor paint and panel work, engine rebuild (all 144 cubic inches !), and upholstery/interior.

Since then the Ute has served well travelling between Chinchilla and Toowoomba, moving, dump runs, school taxi, Uni runabout and lots more.

Recently Dad (as the ‘actual’ owner or at least the custodian/bill payer) decided on a refresh.  Not unreasonable given the almost 20 years service since the last round.

This time round a full re-spray, all rust removed (not too much), upholstery again, new carpets, interior surfaces painted.

Here’s the killer.  NO STRIPES !

I have a sentimental attachment to the Ute including the stripes.  They were part of it’s character.

For the next chapter I suggested perhaps some fancy new wheels to give the Ute something ‘more’ (also suggested an XR6T engine & mechanicals transplant).

Anyway here are the before and after shots.
What do you reckon ? Suggestions welcome (and contributions of course).

The Ute sporting it's "original" Cobra stripes.

The Ute (after recent makeover)The Ute (after recent makeover)

The Ute (after recent makeover)

The Ute (after recent makeover)

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  1. It has definitely lost something in the translation. The thin gold pin stripe harks back to the old “woody” theme of cars in that era but I’m not convinced. I think it could do with either some modern wheels and good looking tyres or a retro white rim with chrome centre caps?? I think it is missing the colour around the arches and along the sill the most.


  2. It definitely needs some subtle improvements. It looks very ‘plain jane’. Maybe the Ford logo on the B pillar and Falcon logo on rear could be gold and the steering wheel changed to a woodgrain finish to fit with the gold pin stripe. Whilst it may not be original, I would change the wheels / rims to chrome finish. I agree with Cam about the arches and sills.


    Tam – This from a man who was drooling over a beefed up marone Mustang earlier today (which I might add was broken down). I do agree with the above though. If they are sticking with the cream colour, need to bring in a classic contrast like gold to lift it a bit (don’t think silver works). Love the woodgrain and retro tyres idea (need to avoid the young, revhead, hooligan look boys).

  3. What gold pin stripe ? I cannot see that in the photos. In any case I think gold does not go with the chrome.
    I would like to see more shiny stuff including chrome wheels. Not 20″ boy racers with rubber bands, just nice and shiny chrome, perhaps 15″ or 16″.

  4. Yes I think the B pillar area could be improved. The Ford logo is almost lost.
    There is also a chrome bonnet ornament that runs across the width of the front of the ‘power bulge’.
    I think it was fitted to the up spec versions.

    Tam, any Mustang is worth drooling over, even if it’s broken down.

  5. I agree that it is a little plain at the moment, though I’m not convinced that we need to bring back the cobra stripes to restore the glory.

    The lack of colour is heightened even further because the chrome bits aren’t really shining; such as the Ford on the B-pillar – which is nearly completely lost at the moment.

    First port of call for me would be to find a way to get a set of 17″ rims under it. Adding a bigger rim, slightly slimmer rubber and the bling that comes with the chrome would completely lift the appearance of the ute.

  6. Belinda – I got to know Andrew and maybe even developed a slight crush on him while he tinkered with this ute. I would pop over and Andrew would be pulling something apart. I remembered that he truely thought this ute would be his car to take to Uni. He was pleased when George purchased him a vehicle but I knew he was disappointed that the ute would not become his. I think all the boys have fond memories regarding this ute!

  7. Talk about putting on the pressure ! Before and after shots with strong commentry.! I never thought it would come to this. Cameron has seen the gold pin stripes, one side only, an experiment simply because I had some left over from the Chev. and thought I would see what it looked like. Well, it’s nothing really, unless you’re standing less than 10 feet from the ute you wouldn’t know it was there. The chrome wheels are definitely going on, 14’s maybe 15 but with a 144 cube motor, 15’s may not go round ! I will chase the chrome power bulge fitting, and the B pillar, which just has the letters F O R D (original) attached, may have room for a not too large logo. I will talk to Bluey, my Toowoomba stripe man for some graphic suggestions. If he comes up with anything worthwhile, will try to get some pictures for prior approval purposes. I have been put on notice so how could I not do at least that.

  8. How about you all get your pencils out and sketch up some ideas of what y ou think should be there. dads mate has given him a website with standard and custom graphics see if you get any brain waves!
    I’m not sure about 12 slotters for wheels yet!?
    maybe some stripes down the side similar to the BF gt/GTp falcon in a grey colour???

  9. Not a big fan of the Universal Products graphics (at least not for the Ute).
    The GT stripes on the sills could work.
    I have been searching on ebay for XM and there is quite a bit there, including one bonnet emblem for an XL (not sure if it is the same one).
    Also stumbled on a couple of pics. 12 slotters look pretty good.

    XM Falcon Ute with 12 Slotters and White Walls
    XP Falcon Ute with nice wheels

  10. Looking through the style of graphics from Universal, I don’t think anything on their site is going to fit well with the ute.

    On the rim front, I’m definitely feeling the love of the rims & thin stripped white wall in the photo Andrew attached above. If we could find a 16″ or better version of those or similar for rolling stock, the ute would look very nice!

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