Chocolate Muffins and Washing Up

IMG_5379.JPGThis morning I made a Chocolate Muffins.  Ben decided he would give me a hand…… well kind of.  He did manage to flick the ingredients all over the kettle and coffee machine.  He had a bit of a taste but was more taken with the buttons on the coffee machine.  He was however very excited at the prospect of washing the dishes.  He had the concept of putting the dish in the sick and moving it to rinse.  But when I said  ‘wash, wash’, he lifted his hands out and pretended to wash his hair (very cute).  We all joined in helping him this morning.  There was water from one end of the kitchen to the other.  GREAT FUN!!

IMG_5382.JPG IMG_5383.JPG

Washing Up?

Ben is very interested in EVERYTHING that goes on.  He follows me around while I am doing the most mundane jobs…… such as the dishes.  I decided to pull a chair over and ask him if he wanted to help.  He nearly flew across the room in his hurry to get up the chair.  He had a ball.  Bonnie was getting wet as most of the water ended up on the floor.  I am sure we all have some memory of playing at the kitchen sink as children.    I had forgotten that it is all the little things (like playing in the sink) that make being a kid so much fun!!

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