Last week it was a challenge to keep Ben indoors while he had croup.  We did lots of little projects to try and keep busy.  Ben’s favorite was playing with his Star Wars Lego.  But he also enjoyed doing some good old fashioned easel painting –  Star Wars Themed!


Ben found this picture for inspiration (who he calls Padme but I thought was Queen Amidala)


and  he used his favorite colour…..




and this is the finished product!!


my name.jpg

My little red Wagon!

This morning Ben was playing after breakfast as normal when he began to become frustrated with his little wagon. He was trying to sit in it. This was a difficult task as it is small and Ben is not walking yet. So with a little help he hopped in. Well no guesses what he wanted then. I think he thinks it’s like Ollie’s big wagon. But none the less it still worked and Ben was able to have his wagon rides up and down the hall (all the while saying ‘bruuuum, bruuuum). We may have to invest in a bigger wagon. By the way Ben is in his PJ’s with a hoodie. It’s a pretty tragic outfit otherwise!