Just Hurry Up Will YOU!!

The title of this post is a message to myself.  I can’t believe how I am dragging the chain with my whole sewing, shop, toy thing!!!   I have over thought it, over talked it and over researched it.   But have actually done very little to make it happen.  I’m not sure why…. well that’s not exactly right……. it’s a big change, it’s different and I’m a little nervous.  I am always telling myself I don’t have time today I will start tomorrow.   I have been saying that for six months!  In my former life  (pre-Ben) I advised teachers on Early Childhood Curriculum.  One  of teachers biggest hurdles is finding ‘time’ to get everything done.  Through my teaching career I was never great at juggling the paper work side of things.  I loved teaching but not folios, testing, marking, and so on.  I had to make myself schedule time to do this or I never did it.   I learnt very quickly  ‘IF YOU DON’T MAKE THE TIME, YOU NEVER HAVE THE TIME’.  This was something I always spoke to teachers about.   I was reminded of time management  –  I got a wake up call last week when I saw this.

from here

Oh how I procrastinate!!  So I thought I better get it all happening!!!  There will be no more ‘I will do that tomorrows!’  I saw the accountant yesterday.  I am heading out to buy material tomorrow, I have nearly made a decision on my business name and the sewing room is going to be ready by the weekend!!  Pheewww…….

Here is sneak peak of things to come:

Picnik collage

I can’t wait to share the final products with you xo

my name.jpg