Ipswich & Brisbane Floods January 2011

Well there has been an amazing response to the flooding in Queensland in December and January. The media coverage by almost any channel is extensive, although some is a little more sensational than necessary.

Our experience was only very minor perhaps even insignificant compared to the total devastation seen in most other areas. The rain on Monday night (10th) and Tuesday all day was unbelievable. Very heavy, constant and loud. The water running off our land (some of which was coming from our neighbour) was in deep sheets and torrents, carving out ruts in a few places.

All this was heading to the local waterway, Ironpot Creek just below our western boundary. As we have only been in this house less than a year, we were unsure of how the reported ’74 flood levels would impact us.

We were watching out the window and through the trees we could see the rising waters getting closer.  In this photo you can see the water coming in behind our chickens.

Flood waters approaching our chickens !

A walk down our northern boundary towards Ironpot Creek and we realised just how much water was heading toward Ipswich (Ironpot Creek flows into the Bremer River at Brassall just upstream of Hancock’s Bridge).

Ironpot Creek looking back towards our place

Ironpot Creek

The rain finally backed off on Tuesday afternoon, and subsequently the water in the creek dissipated fairly quickly.  We would be lying if we said we weren’t a little nervous on Tuesday.  The pictures of Toowoomba were very distressing and on everyone’s mind.

A quick look around and you realise the extent of damage in some areas is unbelievable.  The support response around Ipswich has been fantastic (as it has been throughout Queensland).  We look forward to providing assistance in the coming weeks and months.