Food Connect

In our endevour to be more proactive in knowing what we eat and where it has come from  we have joined Food Connect.  An  company that works with local farmers collecting seasonal produce. Food Connect’s aim is to supply local, sustainably produced food to the community in South East Queensland.    It has only been one week and I am seriously impressed.  What impresses me the most is that with a click of a button I can see the farm that the food my family is eating came from.  It’s almost like meeting the farmers!! Well …… you can actually meet the farmers as Food Connect have tours!!! There is a real community feel.  This really gives me  peace of mind that the produce is fabulous.  I love that Food Connect sorces produce from  local farmers.  Food Connect really are passionate about looking after farmers.  So so so impressed!!!


This week we only ordered a fruit box.  Aren’t these just the yummiest strawberries you have ever seen!!!


There was a couple of inclusions that I wasn’t particularly familiar with.


Tamarillos – While I have eaten a tamarillo before I have never bought them.  They are native to tropical America, the tamarillo is a member of the Solanaceae family along with potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants. It produces shiny red or yellow egg-shaped fruit which tastes like a cross between a passionfruit and a tomato. Only the pulp is edible – the skin is very bitter.  They are tasty.  You can spoon the flesh out similar to a passionfruit.


Pomelo. –  Thought to be the ancestor of the grapefruit. This giant citrus  fruit is native to Malaysia. .  A  pomelo is the largest of all citrus.  The rind is very thick but soft and easy to peel away. The resulting fruit is light yellow to coral-pink flesh and can vary from juicy to slightly dry and from seductively spicy-sweet to tangy and tart.  We tried the pomelo last night.  My first thought was YUM but then there was a bitter after taste (not so pleasant).  But another great thing about Food Connect is that their site contains recipes.  I am sure there is something I can make with this huge citrus fruit!!

Did I mention that Food Connect is not just about ordering fruit and vegetables.  But there is so many other delicious groceries available.  Next week we will try locally sourced sour dough bread, wholemeal flour and creamed honey.

I am a  little nervous that we won’t eat the contents of the box each week and that we will waste food.  I think I have become so lazy with the supermarkets supplying  produce all year around regardless if it is in season or not.  I don’t really know what fruit and vegetables are  in season anymore.  My challenge is to  cook with what is in season.  Trying new recipes and stepping out of my comfort zone.  I am forever telling Ben it is important to ‘try new things’.  So it is now time to listen to  and take some of  my own advise.  This way I can ensure the best produce is on my table!

Thanks Food Connect for making this so easy!!

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