Books by the Pallet! {visit 2}

Queensland Flood Recovery – Brassall State School

My second week volunteering at Brassall State School made the enormity of the task at hand very clear .   The donations are still coming in…. with a pallet of books coming from Tasmania, a Brisbane high school making donations just to mention a few.  People’s generosity is breath taking…….. so so so  lovely.   There is some extraordinary books  – three quarters of the library is filled with boxes!!   There is still no computer system…. which maybe is not such a bad thing as the books all have to be cleaned, sorted, stamped, covered, bar-coded and then cataloged. It is overwhelming to look at the sheer amount of books and resources ….. better to focus on one box at a time.  Hopefully Mum and I can make a little difference.

Picnik collage library

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