Tropical Fruit Bonanza !

Birdlife on the Boat TripToday we did a little exploring of the NSW Northern Rivers area from Kingscliffe south to Pottsville via Casuarina, Cabarita and Hastings Point. We then ventured out to Murwillumbah via Condong and returned via Duranbah only to discover Tropical Fruit World. Now don’t get hasty in your judgement. For only $35 each (Ben was free) we were fully entertained for over three hours solid. As the name suggests there are way too many fruits to list, but suffice to say you get to taste plenty. Ben even had a go at a few including Blood

Oranges and Chocolate Fruit (with icecream). After the tasting session there was a plantation tour aboard a wagon pulled by farm tractor. At the bottom of the valley there was another tour, this time on a boat, where there was abundant birdlife amongst lots more. The boat trip concludes on a man made island that is purpose built for entertaining kids and also includes a model railway. Great fun ! Ben especially loved the train ride and went around twice, once with me and again with Belinda.

I would highly recommend Tropical Fruit World for an entertaining, tasty (and reasonably low cost) family day out.

What Memories Are Made Of

We are finally here….. at Kingscliff Peppers Salt. We have been preparing Ben for our holidaty for the last few weeks. He has been talking about the beach but hasn’t seemed that excited about it until today. He was so keen to get in the car this morning. While we finished packing he spent most of his time hovering at the door.

We are finally here….. at Kingscliff Peppers Salt.  We have been preparing Ben for our holiday for the last few weeks.  He has been talking about the beach but hasn’t seemed that excited about it until today.  He was so keen to get in the car this morning.  While we finished packing he spent most of his time hovering at the door.

Last time we took Ben to the beach he wasn’t keen on it (The Beach #2, The Beach #1).  But this time……………it was amazing.  It was late afternoon and the sun was low in the sky making the water looked almost pink.  We had a strip of beach over two hundred meters long  just for us.  Ben was trembling with excitement.  He held my hand tightly as the water touched our toes.  His  smile was enormous and he soon let go of my hand  and went running in announcing ‘BEACH!!’ with great excitement.  He didn’t seem to mind that he was still fully dressed  and the water was ….. well freezing!    Unfortunately we had no cameras or phones with us.  Luckily we have the memory.  It was one of those unforgettable moments.  I of course shed a little tear.  Simple things really make the best memories.

It’s the simple things…..

Last night we replaced Ben’s sleeping bag with a doona (better late than never).  Oh my goodness there was all kinds of excitement.  He rolled around the floor with it, wrapped Bonnie up with it and didn’t want to get out of bed to have his bath.  He calls it ‘Ben’s Blanket’.  All this excitement bought smiles and giggles for all involved.

It reminded me how easily I get wrapped up in the unimportant and that sometimes I do forget to have a giggle. It was a simple, joyous moment. Ben reminds me that things don’t need to be complicated – Benjamin, you are a joy and delight to behold!

There’s a bear in there…..

IMG_0567.JPGPlay School live shows are specially designed to delight children and parents alike.  Ben, Andrew, Chris, Bree, Joseph and myself recently attended a concert at Cavendish Road High School Hall.  The  show features 40 minutes of songs, games and stories with two of the TV Shows presenters (Leah and Teo) along with many of the well-loved toys.  Everything in the concerts was carefully paced especially for the little ones. There was songs to move to, as well as quiet times to just watch and listen.   Ben and Joseph just adored it.  They spent most of the time on our laps clapping and singing but did work up the courage to get up and dance.  It was fantastic – highly recommended!

IMG_0548.JPG IMG_0584.JPG

Performing on the Loo?

Toilet training has began….. not that successfully.  Every night before Ben’s bath he sits on the toilet.  Every night we talk about what should be happening and every night…… nothing.  However, Ben loves to sit on the toilet.  He plays his ukulele and sings away.  He dresses up with all kinds of hats and glasses.  I think he is a little confused.  I am sure he thinks the small room with the funny seat is for entertaining!!

IMG_0507.JPG IMG_0544.JPG