Basket + Carrot = Chocolate!

IMG_5479.JPGIt was Ben’s second Easter this year.  Ben was only a few weeks old last year so Easter was very quiet.  But this year Ben knew something was cooking!!!  We talked about easter, read easter stories, decorated a basket and filled it with nesting.  Ben left a carrot out for the Easter Bunny.  He was more interested in carrying the carrot around with him than leaving it for the bunny but he eventually let go!  He was amazed in the morning that the basket had chocolate eggs in it and even more amazed that he got to eat a small one before breakfast!!!

Oh No! What are we going to do?

postman pat.jpgBen loves Postman Pat.  He jumps up and down with excitment as I load the DVD.  While watching the DVD ‘Postman Pat – Go Kart Race’ Ben said his first complete sentence, not just a phrase.  Postman Pat is always saving the day one way or the other after a disaster in the Village.  One of the characters in the story was trying to find a solution to a disaster when they flung their hands to their cheeks and said ‘Oh NO!  What are we going to do?’  Ben turned to me flung his hands to his cheeks and said ‘Oh NO!  What are we going to do?’.   It was just adorable!!!

Books, Magazines, Novels and Papers

IMG_5440.JPGBen loves ABC Kids and for those who know him this is hardly anything new.  He loves to join in when the bee comes on the screen and the children say A, B, C.   As a teacher I was never a huge fan of kids watching TV.  Well…… as a parent I need it for survival but I have to admit I have felt guilty at times turning it on.  I do make sure he is not watching rubbish!  He loves loves loves ‘Postman Pat’!!!!  I was excited to see and hear Ben make some links between what he had watched on TV and the books we read.   I was reading away to him the other night when he pointed to the text and said ‘A, B, C’.  I was very excited and a tiny bit of the guilt disappeared.   I am constantly amazed at the links Ben is making.  It must be the Early Childhood Teacher in me. 

IMG_5432.JPG   IMG_5433.JPG   IMG_5428.JPG

His favorite books at the moment are On the Go by Jan Jugran, Noisy Noisy Vroom by Ronnie Randel and Bob the Builder – Push and Pop Up Book.   All of these are new books he received for his birthday – thanks!!  Ben also enjoys exploring other types of print – our novels, junk mail,  and the local paper.  He is particularly found of Daddy’s motorbike magazines.

On the go.jpg   Noisy Noisy Vroom.jpg   bob_the_builder_push_and_pop_up_book_large.jpg

Not a Baby Anymore!

Tonight Ben decided that there would be no more night time bottle before bed.  He hopped up on my knee and instead of wanting his bottle he picked up a book for his story and pushed the bottle away.  It has been a delight to cuddle Ben every night as he had his bottle.  I write this with a little tear in my eye – My little boy is growing up. xoxo

A Quiet Moment….

Today was  a testing day.  Ben tested most of his boundaries just in case they had changed.  So there was  a few tantrums when he realised that the rules hadn’t changed in his favor!  I was nearly at the end of my tether when I noticed all had gone quiet except for this little voice coming from the lounge.  Ben had curled up with his favorite books and was reading.  He was turning the pages and saying words.  My little boy is growing up and wow it is so lovely to witness.  His favorite books at the moment are Busy Railway by Rebecca Finn (he turns the pages saying ‘toot toot choo choo’).  He also enjoys Row Row Row Your Boat by Trace Moroney and Baa Baa Black Sheep by Brimax  (he says ‘Row row row’ and ‘Baa Baa’).  Some other favorites are Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, Noisey Cars by Bright Baby, Gallop by Rufus Butler Seder, Cats by Baby Einstein  and Playschool Numbers by ABC.  We have story time every night before he goes to bed.  It is my favorite part of the day.

Busy Railway_.jpgRow Row Row Your Boat.jpgBaa-Baa-Black-Sheep.jpgDear Zoo.jpgNoisy Car.jpgGallop.jpgCats.jpgPlayschool Numbers.jpg

Chocolate Muffins and Washing Up

IMG_5379.JPGThis morning I made a Chocolate Muffins.  Ben decided he would give me a hand…… well kind of.  He did manage to flick the ingredients all over the kettle and coffee machine.  He had a bit of a taste but was more taken with the buttons on the coffee machine.  He was however very excited at the prospect of washing the dishes.  He had the concept of putting the dish in the sick and moving it to rinse.  But when I said  ‘wash, wash’, he lifted his hands out and pretended to wash his hair (very cute).  We all joined in helping him this morning.  There was water from one end of the kitchen to the other.  GREAT FUN!!

IMG_5382.JPG IMG_5383.JPG