Busy Fingers

Little fingers are always busy!!  Ben is always on the go. (When he stops it normally means  he is up to something or sick!) His world revolves around building with Lego which is great but sometimes it is nice to mix it up.  I’m always after something that little fingers can build with.  I have had this domino set in the cupboard since he was teeny tiny.  It was time to blow off the dust and give it a go.

IMG_5273.JPG  IMG_5272.JPG

IMG_5274.JPG  IMG_5257.JPG

Dominoes are a little fancier than when I was a kid but still just as much fun!

What keeps little fingers or big fingers busy in your house?

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One thought on “Busy Fingers”

  1. That is a great looking dominoes set guys. Bet you had heaps of fun with that Ben! What keeps little fingers busy in our house at the moment are – torches, glad bags full of pegs or cars, beads (loves beads) or shoes, shoes and more shoes (we call her Immelda Ivy Lattimore :).

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