New Years Eve 2011

I have got far to used to snoozing in the day (with Andrew being on holidays).  I think I started my New Years Eve with a nanny nap after breakfast!!!  (New Years resolution #72 Stop Nanny Napping!)

Our afternoon and evening was  more eventful.  We spent it with good friends at home – a bbq dinner, great conversation, listening to the kids play on the slip and slide, riding motor bikes, pavlova, bike riding, chocolate, champagne,  gyro caring, rum balls, scooters, glow sticks and sparklers.

(Oh and I took some tragic photos…… but good memories)

New Years Eve 2011

As our little family head into 2012 with a some uncertainty of what the year will bring.  We are certain it will be full with family, friendships and much belly laughing xo.

Happy 2012!!!

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