Making the MOST of the Sunshine


Guess what happened at our house today…….. I’m a bit excited!


This is how we spent most of our day – watching the magic happen.  Ben just loving every minute!!




I am loving the environmentally friendly, money saving loveliness of these solar panels!

The system is a 2.28 kW with a 3 kW inverter.  The brand of the system is Sunny Roo.  It is supplied by Beyond Building Energy and installed by Quantum Electrical.  All great to work with!

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9 thoughts on “Making the MOST of the Sunshine”

  1. That’s fantastic Belinda.

    Do the solar panel folk think that sized solar panel set is going to reduce your power bills by a bit, a fair amount or remove them all together?

  2. Based on the solar estimate we should save at least $180 per quarter, assuming no net export and saving $0.22 per kWh (9.5kWh per day). If we can export some power (ie our internal usage is less than that generated by the solar system) then we get paid at $0.50 per kWh, so the benefits increase.

    The trick will be minimising our power usage during the day to maximise the net power export (which is paid at the premium feed in tariff rate).

  3. Oh forgot to mention I may need some help pruning some trees that are causing shading of the panels. Can you climb trees?

  4. Think of me like a slightly less hairy & far less co-ordinated orangutan!

    Happy to try though, hope your trees are substantial – I’m no feather weight.

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