Coughing Coughing Coughing!!

Ben has croup for the first time.  Oh this is not fun!!!  I haven’t felt this nervous as a parent since Ben was a newborn.     As I type Ben is happy.  I have given him the DS.  He has forgotten he is sick and has entered the world of Star Wars Lego.  Who thought that a DS could be such good medicine.  Here hoping his croup is gone SOON!!


Quick Update:

You have to love Grandma!!  Ben and Grandma have been sitting quietly playing ‘Where’s Wally’ on her ipad for over an hour (with hardly any coughing – touch wood).  Thank you xoxo


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3 thoughts on “Coughing Coughing Coughing!!”

  1. Oh Belinda….croup is not nice! Josh had it as an 18 month old and then when he was 2, but not since thankfully! Good luck!

  2. You just wait for the sun to come up and the cough stops, though they can be very long nights. Hope Ben feels better soon

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