What to do with Broody Chickens??


What do you do with Broody Chickens?  We don’t have a rooster and our two Silkies – Woof and Buzz spend their days sitting on the other chickens eggs or sitting on no eggs at all.   I feel a little sorry for the girls as the eggs  are never going to hatch!  I lift the girls out a couple of times a day making sure they drink and eat (I take them down their favorites).  I   read that they will stop being broody if you get them out and put them in the sun.  This doesn’t seem to be working.  Does anyone have any tips or will they just stop being broody some day soon?

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One thought on “What to do with Broody Chickens??”

  1. Poor girls, I have a lot of empathy for them and understand exactly what they are going through 🙂

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