Where is the Pot of Gold?

A month or so ago we had a storm during the day which is nothing unusual.  What was lovely is that there was the most beautiful rainbow.  What was really exciting was that the end of the rainbow was in our backyard.  Unfortunately the pot of gold was missing.   I just had enough time to run inside and get the camera before it disappeared.  I am tempted to dig in that spot to see if the gold is buried!!


2 thoughts on “Where is the Pot of Gold?”

  1. That is incredible!

    Due to how a rainbow is formed and the physics behind them, I actually didn’t think it was really possible to get to the end of one, so to speak.

    What ever the case, you’ll probably never see that again in your lifetime.

  2. Belinda, I can’t quite see that Rainbow otherwise I would beat you there. Have looked for one once before just off the highway between Taroom and Wandoan but couldn’t quite put my foot on it. Serious. Did buy an Art Union Ticket that night but I wasn’t the lucky one.

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