New home

After much deliberation, we made an offer on a new home yesterday. Very exciting but also a little nerve racking.

5 thoughts on “New home”

  1. Looked it up on the net and it looks lovely guys. You will definately have to get a ride-on Andrew. You won’t know yourselves with all that space.
    Luv Tamx

  2. The current owner has kindly thrown in the ride-on as well as a Honda Z50 minibike (it needs a bit of work, but is the same as the one we had as kids).

  3. Woohoo, congratulations again – very exciting!

    What settlement window are you and the current owners looking for – 30 days or is it going to be longer?

    Next very important purchase, a set of training wheels for the Z50 and Ben is going to go nuts!

  4. Uhh Uhhh, Cameron Lattimore (well Santa actually) purchases a motor bike for Tom when he was 4, I repeat 4!!!! Completely ridiculous.
    Not to mention the ‘BikeLine’ BMX that Tom had to have for his 7th Birthday. It goes so fast that he can hardly control it. I have considered getting some electrical tape and taping bubble wrap to all of Tom’s major joints.

    Big Boys reliving their Youth!

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