Happy Birthday Oliver

Yesterday Ben had a play date with Oliver (his honorary cousin) for his Birthday.  Oliver is turning two next week.  Oliver has a great outdoor courtyard just right for toddler play.  It’s equipped with everything boys need – a sandpit, bikes, an easel, an outhouse (with potty), trucks, cars, plants, dirt and grass.  Ben was into everything.  He ate dirt, chalk, his rusk, Oliver’s rusk and anything else he could get his hands on.  It was just wonderful for Ben.  He and Oliver played together as toddlers do.  Ben gave Oliver a little red wagon for his birthday.  Thanks for a great afternoon Ollie!!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Oliver”

  1. I can just imagine Ben thinking in the second photo ‘please take me for a ride’. As an aside, having Ben sitting next to Oliver really highlights how blonde and red their respective hair is!

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