Meet Spud

Ben suggested we needed a scarecrow……what a great idea!  So here he is – Spud the newest family member on the Lattimore Acre.  He is spectacular – not only because of his incredibly handsome appearance  but he has managed to keep those pecking birds away, even the scrub turkey.   He also stayed standing this week through a crazy storm!  Thanks Spud!!


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I am going to link up with ‘Life Made Lovely Monday’, we think Spud is lovely and I do plan on blogging how we made him.


My First Web Widget!!

For those of you who may not talk in nerd speak (like myself), a web widget is a software widget for the web. It’s a small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user.  I had to google this after talking to my brother-in-law!! Here is my first attempt at using one.  Andrew did help me a little….. thanks honey xo.


Isn’t it cute?  I found this on another blog and knew I just had to have it once I found out how to use it.  It is a MiniPod by MixPod.  You can find mine on the right hand side of my blog….. found it?  Just use it like you would an MP3 player.  Also if you click on the name of the song it plays the film clip from Utube.   I just love it.

So yes…. before you begin making fun of my song selection I shall explain my choices:

Caught in the Crowd  by  Kate Mille-Heidke – Just cose I love it!

You and I by Ingrid Michealson – My new favourite song.  I found it on another blog.  I can’t stop playing it.

Three Little Birds by  Elizabeth Mitchell – It’s so cute and makes me smile.  I found it on another blog.

Catch my Disease by Ben Lee – Great Australian Music…. I love Ben Lee!! And I used to play this to Ben when he was little. He used to stand himself up on the side of his cot and bob up and down.

Scar – Missy Higgins – My all time favorite Missy song.  More great Australian Music.

Lovely Love My Family (from Yo Gabba Gabba) -by The Roots – What Mum hasn’t danced around the room with their little ones to this.  Andrew thinks I have gone mad!!

My Happiness by Powderfinger – Andrew’s choice….. extraordinary Australian Music!!

Star Wars Theme Song – Ben’s choice……. what can I say…… it’s his favourite everything!!!!

So there you have it my first Web Widget!!  I am a techno extraordinaire….lol!!  I just need to work out how to center it in the column.  I would love to hear what your favourite song is and why….. leave a comment.  I might just add it to my play list xoxo.

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The World of Blogging

Recently I have discovered a whole new world of blogging.  A world full of ‘thirty-something’ mothers making the ordinary……..extraordinary.  I love it!!  My favourite blogs at the moment are:

Blessed Little Nest – Tempe Arizona USA

Li’l Magoolie – Christchurch NZ

Paisley Jade – Whangarei NZ

The Reed Life – somewhere in the USA

Some of these blogs do link ups…. which is fabulous.  It allows you to link a story  on your blog to story on someone elses blog.   It is a’ virtual’ get together.   For example I got this wonderful recipe off Heather’s blog – Blessed Little Nest from someone who linked up to it.  I am making these Peanut Butter and Jam Heart Cookies this afternoon.  Will let you know how they went….. xo

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Top of the Mornin to Ya!!

What a wonderful start to the day….. spinning tops at breakfast!  We ate our breakfast this morning while playing spinning tops.   Lots of laughs, giggles and woohoos!!  A wonderful way to put a beautiful smile on your face  xo.





Oh I know that toys at the table can be a no no for some.   But in our busy lives today the table at meal times is sometimes the only time of the day we all sit and enjoy each other.  Life is to short…… lets enjoy it!!!

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I am going to link up with Blessed Little Nest again for ‘Life Made Lovely Monday‘ even though it is Thursday!!


What Did Monday Bring?


QWhat did Monday bring? AA great first day at Pre-Prep!!

I was a little nervous about Ben’s first day at Pre-Prep.  Yes, there was tears…. from Ben and Mum.  And Ben even screamed out when I was leaving ‘Don’t go Mum!!’.  I saved my tears for the drive home when I was away from Ben.  But before I even got  home the Pre-Prep Teacher called me to say Ben was settled playing blocks on the carpet with a new little friend.  What a relief!  As an Early Childhood Teacher tears  in the first weeks of school is something that I have delt with many many times.  But always as a teacher and not as a parent.  So when the shoe is on the other foot…. it really pulls at those heart strings.

When I picked Ben up and asked him about his day,  he didn’t really give away many details. But he was smiling and happy.  His wonderful teacher makes a poster every day with photos and a summary of what the children have done.  I just love this!!  Over the last few weeks Ben hasn’t really had much to say when you question him about Pre-Prep.  He does however  spontaneously talk about a story he read or even sing a song he had learnt which is a good sign. His first few weeks have seen him bring home paintings, gluing, and decorated boxes.  He gave some of these to his Gamma which she has proudly displayed on her fridge.

So would I go as far as say that Ben loves to go to Pre-Prep…. well maybe.  He doesn’t give away much.  He isn’t one to take a leap, he stands back and watches before he makes a judgment.  But if his spontaneous conversations about Pre-prep are anything to go by….I think it is growing on him!

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Best for Breakfast!! “2010 update”

We couldn’t be more impressed with our Isa Brown hens.  Penny Penny and Honda are fabulous additions to our family.  They are friendly and even enjoy to be picked up and snuggled.  They do have a bad reputation as being a bossy bird towards other breeds.  But our Silkies and Isa Browns live together very happily.  The produce eggs nearly everyday.  And good sized eggs….. the best for breakfast!!  Their is always discussion in our house over who got the biggest egg for breakfast.  On occasion the girls lay enormous eggs – normally a double yolker.  This makes an extra special breakfast!! Thanks girls xo.


That is my hand, not Bens!!  I am continually surprised how I fuss over the chickens……who would have thought!!

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