Our Lovely Ladies “2010 update”

Our lovely ladies Honda, Penny Penny, Woof and Buzz are all laying!  We have had so many eggs we have been giving them away.


I never knew that I would love our girls so much.  But they have really become family pets.  They all have their own little personalities.  Ben and I visit them  for cuddles.  Don’t worry I am well aware of  how ridiculous I sound!!

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Oh Goodness Gracious Me!!!!

I am not sure what is going on but in the last two days we have had two very UNWELCOME visitors….

I have to say my heart skipped a beat when I saw this snake today on the back verandah!


And yesterday I was petrified of this Huntsman Spider….. It was bigger than my hand…..ewwwww!!!


The snake was more frightened of me than I was of it and it quickly slithered away.  We believe it to be a harmless tree snake.  Unfortunately the spider was not so lucky and he did meet the can of insect spray (sorry Aunty Claire!!).  I know that these kinds of things come in threes…..what’s next???

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Made Me Smile

I was sitting around last night a little down in the dumps and came across  this  fabulous app for my iphone.  I have just fallen in love with it. It made me SMILE which can never be a bad thing.

IMG_1756.JPG IMG_1757.JPG IMG_1758.JPG IMG_1783.JPG

I cant remember the last time I took photos with me in them.  I am always snapping away at everyone else.   I just couldn’t help myself.  Everyone joined in, even Bonnie our dog.  It was a hoot!! We all had a great time!! It’s called Pocketbooth…. so cute.

I am going to attempt to hook this up to a ‘Life Made Lovely Monday’.   A wonderful hook up all about the little surprises in life.

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Where Have I Been?

Anyone who reads our blog would have noticed that there hasn’t been much blogging of late.  For some deranged  reason I returned to teaching last semester.  To say the least I did not enjoy it.  Here is a portrait one of the children drew of me.  I think it sums it up…… I was a CRAZY LADY and didn’t handle myself as gracefully as I would have hoped!!


I did however learn a very valuable lesson.  I am truly blessed to have to opportunity to be home with Ben.  I will never take it for granted again!  Family means the world to me!!

So ….. I am back, once again sane and our blog has a new look.   I have missed blogging and have so much to catch you up on.  So from time to time I will add an ‘update’  from 2010…..enjoy.

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What Will Monday Bring?

I know it happens to every mum. I know I’ll survive.  But my little boy heads to Pre-Prep (Kindergarten) on Monday!! He will be three years and eight months old. He is my little boy but insists of telling me he is a BIG boy now!! I am excited, nervous, sad, but also happy. I pray that we have made the right choice of school, that he will make friends, that he likes his teachers, that he will find the toilet, that he will pack up, that he will use a nice voice, that he will share/take turns…….. BUT really I hope he loves it and has fun!! We have met his teachers.  We have played in his classroom.  We have practiced eating out of the lunch box. I have made the Kindy sheets (which are very cute). We have our uniform. And will do a last minute drive by on Sunday to refresh Ben’s memory. He doesn’t really say much but seems to be excited.  Here he is practicing how to eat using a lunch box.


On Monday I will wear my sunglasses and hide my tears. Better still I will try not to cry until I reach the car. I am not even sure what the tears are all about…. but I am a little emotional just writing this. I think the tears are all about …… I love my not so little boy Ben xo.