Give this to Uncle Cam…


Ben has been a little ‘Pork Chop’ of late.  Testing his boundaries and huffing and puffing about this and that.  His favorite sayings are ‘But I don’t want toooooooo’ and ‘Oh I am not happy’.   And this morning he was at his best……. sometimes I wonder if my beautiful boy has disappeared.

After a struggle to eat breakfast, get dressed and comb hair, he hugged his Dad and Nanny goodbye as they are heading into the hospital to visit Uncle Cam.  It is the big day today.  Everyone is a little  on edge  with worry.  Ben asks his Dad if he is going to work.  When he replies he is going to see Uncle Cam in the hospital Ben wants to know why.  We very simply explain he has a owie  that needs to be fixed by a special doctors.  Ben seems fine with this and goes about his business.  His Dad and Nanny yell out ‘see you’ as they walk down the hall and Ben jumps down from the table runs to his Dad wraps his arms around him and gives him an extra big hug.  He says ‘Dad can you give that to Uncle Cam’.  We all stop…. oh there is my beautiful boy….. our worry eases for a moment.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Uncle Cam and Aunty Teen today….. love you xoxo

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There were (nearly) TEN in the bed!!

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sleeping friends.jpgBen’s bed is getting a little crowded.  In his bed there is:

– 3 Kaloo Bunnies.  He has had these since he was a baby.  However it was never the intention he has all three at once.  The plan was for him to have one and the others were back ups if we couldn’t find one of the Bunnies.

– 1 floppy dog called Patch.  My cousin Leanne sent this to him when he was born.  His cousin Tom also had one just the same and whatever Tom does Ben does too!

– 1 Baby.  I am sure a hard plastic baby must get in the way!!

– 1 cat called Marmalade.  This was my grandmothers.

– 1 Humpty.  I am not even sure when Humpty made his way into the bed.

– 1 Easter Bunny named Max.  His Aunty Tam and Uncle Phil gave this to him on the weekend ….. and of course it made its way into the bed.

– 1 Beautiful boy…. Ben.

Every night there is a roll call to see everyone is in bed.  Some nights I go to tuck him in and he has his arms stretched out hugging all of his friends.  It is one of those parent moments that pulls on those heart strings….. sweet dreams xoxo

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Our First Harvest


While watering the garden this evening I noticed these little red tops poking out of the ground.  We have radishes!!!  I am not really sure what I do with radishes.  They were Ben’s choice of seed to plant in the garden (because they were red…. his favorite colour!).  But I better quickly learn as in the next week we are going to have quite a lot of them.  Radishes anyone…????

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My ‘Inner Granny’ Returns

I haven’t sewn, quilted or stitched anything really since Ben has been born.  I am not sure why ….. but I do plan to make up for it.     I do recall I used to get the odd ribbing for sewing….a ‘oh you are such a Granny!!’ comment,  but four years later it has become the modern thing to do!!  I have a cupboard full of goodies and a whole room I can set up.  Time to get sorted.

I thought this would be a great way to dust off the Bernina.  Heather from Blessed Little Nest (in the USA) is hosting a Hoop Art Swap.   Heather collected the names of people who wanted to participate through her blog, paired us up and we make a hoop art and swap it with them.  Just a bit of fun.  My partner is Sena from By the Bluegrass (Louisville, Kentucky USA).

I finished my hoop art last night.  I made two because I liked it so much.  One to keep and one to send to Sena.   I think it is cute…. I hope Sena likes it.  My inner Granny has returned…..

hoop art

and surprise, surprise it has bunting on it…..

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Oh Dear….. and YAY!!!

GardenOH DEAR….. our little vegetable patch has seen better days.  Something is eating our radishes.  Our zucchinis and pumpkin have a ‘damp fungus’ and our beans look very sick.  I clipped leaves off all of these plants and headed to our local nursary for a little help.  Luckily nothing is very serious and all can be fixed with a little love and care.  So with a few sprays and powders  (natural of course) things should be back on track.

On a more exciting note ….. when I was watering the garden this evening I noticed WE HAVE TOMATOES……YAY!!!  Ben wanted to pick them then and there.  I think I convinced him that we need to wait until they change colour to red.  I hope it happens quickly as he is busting and so am I.  Home grown tomato on toast……  memories from my childhood xoxo.

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